What People Say...

"There should be more bands like Teddy Lee."
Lawrence Welk

"An evening at the Willowbrook Ballroom with Teddy and his boys has come
to epitomize the quintessential New Year's: dancing with your sweetheart to the
smooth strains of 'Stardust' as the clock ticks toward twelve."
Gary Reinmuth, Chicago Tribune

"The Teddy Lee Orchestra provides another great night of entertainment for our guests. It is
a pleasure to work with such talented musicians on stage, who are also just as professional
off stage."
Denise McGowen, Navy Pier events

"One of the best 'danceable' orchestra's in the country."
Tom Beranick, Chicago Federation of Musicians Union

"The Teddy Lee Orchestra is the largest part of why the Willowbrook is still around."
Pat & Richard Williams, former owners of the Willowbrook Ballroom

"The Orchestra' was a big hit during last years 'Serenade' and we expect the same
result this year."
Pam Heavens, "Summer Serenade" Will Grundy Center For Independent Living

One Of America's outstanding dance orchestra's"
National Ballroom Operators Association

"Other bands copy other bands arrangements; this band plays originals!"
Vicky Bosche, BigBand Vacation Cruises